Our Salsas

Piquant and fresh, the remarkably bright, bold flavors of Ernie’s salsas balance the sweetness of tomatoes, green peppers and yellow onion with the satisfying zing of jalapeño and garlic. Ernie’s salsas have been meticulously—some say obsessively—perfected to deliver a zesty kick with every bite.

How spicy are Ernie’s Salsas?

Ernie’s answer to this question is always, “hot enough to get your attention but sweet enough to keep you coming back for more.” Ernie’s formulation philosophy is “flavor before fire”.  Only asbestos lined pallets enjoy eating a salsa that’s so fiery hot that nothing else can be tasted for an extended period of time.  Ernie’s recipes are formulated to allow consumers to enjoy the flavorful ingredients while still getting a nice kick from the jalapenos.