1. The Gleeful Gourmand

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    Ernie has been perfecting his salsas for 25 years, and he uses local ingredients whenever he can. There’s no artificial anything in his salsas, which also makes them a real treat.

  2. Kath Eats

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    My favorite was the Hawaiian (can’t beat sweet n spicy!) but the Chesapeake was unlike any other salsa I’ve tried. If you like Old Bay, give it a taste! Definitely some of the best salsa I’ve had!

  3. Stirring Things Up

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    I love the Hawaiian Pineapple Heat and the Chesapeake Bay Shrimp salsas, but they are all really good.

  4. Eating Bird Food

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    The black bean and corn is good but I think the peach version is my favorite — the hint of fruity sweetness worked perfectly on the fish tacos.

  5. Tim Vidra’s E.A.T.

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    The proof of bold flavor and freshness is in the taste and you’ll notice the chunky, sweet and spicy vegetables in every scoop with your chip. Like Ernie always says, “hot enough to get your attention but sweet enough to keep you coming back for more.”
  6. Girl Meets Food

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    Ernie’s Salsas are very fresh and do not taste processed. All of them were enjoyable and unique.  There are so many salsa brands in the stores, so I am glad that I have found a new go to salsa. They would be a great hit at a party!

  7. Elegantly Gluten Free

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    The first thing I noticed about Ernie’s Salsas, besides being gluten-free, was the high quality of the ingredients used, the short list of ingredients and the variety of flavors.

  8. A Better Year To A Better Life

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    Ernie’s Epic Food makes some delicious salsa. I had the chance to try out all 5 of the varieties and boy was I a happy camper. The common review from friends was that we couldn’t believe how fresh salsa from a jar could taste. The flavors are so clean and just freaking delicious.

  9. Back Home Blue

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    When Ernie asked me if I’d like to review his salsa, I immediately agreed. Not only was it salsa, Ernie’s salsas are also made with fresh ingredients and are fat free. It was a pretty exciting day around here when a box of no less than five jars of salsa showed up on my doorstep.