Ernie’s Epic Salsas

Piquant and fresh, the remarkably bright, bold flavors of Ernie’s salsas balance the sweetness of tomatoes, green peppers and yellow onion with the satisfying zing of jalapeño and garlic. Ernie’s salsas have been meticulously—some say obsessively—perfected to deliver a zesty kick with every bite.

Our Salsas

When Ernie asked me if I’d like to review his salsa, I immediately agreed. Not only was it salsa, Ernie’s salsas are also made with fresh ingredients and are fat free. It was a pretty exciting day around here when a box of no less than five jars of salsa showed up on my doorstep.

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Ernie's Salsas can be used always for dipping but they're also a great way to kick up everyday dishes prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our recipes are only a few ways the salsas can be incorporated into your meals!

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Reviews and Awards

Ernie’s salsas have won national awards though Ernie’s primary goal is to have his customers love the products. But Ernie honestly feels that customer feedback is the best award! (To see what we mean, read some of our Reviews.)

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